Download Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 Hack IPA For iOS Without Jailbreak

Here is the complete guide how to download Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack iPA for iOS and 0.85.2 for Android without jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Pokemon Go is the biggest and tremendous hit of the year on both iOS and Android platforms. It has got a tremendous response from users with it’s advanced augmented reality technology. Niantic releasing the updated versions with new bug fixes to provide much better experience for the users.

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Niantic released the latest update Pokemon Go 1.55.1 for iOS and 0.85.2 for Android with many bug fixes and added new capture locations. Rather than playing the game the way the developers intended, many iPhone and iPad owners wanted to enjoy tweaks that bring additional capabilities into the game, such as being able to tap on the screen to walk to new locations right from the comfort of their couch at home. Here come the Pokemon Go hacks into the picture. So with the release of Pokemon go 1.55.1, now Pokemon go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA also available.

Major Changes in the Pokemon go 1.55.1 version:

  • 50 additional Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region can be caught.
  • Real-world weather conditions are now reflected in Map View, in battle, and when catching Pokémon.
  • Added a weather icon that can be tapped to highlight which Pokémon types are more likely to appear in the surrounding area and will be affected by current weather conditions.
  • Added the beta feature to create battle parties that allow Trainers to save teams of up to six Pokémon to take into Gym battles and Raid Battles.
  • Increased Pokémon Storage maximum to 1,500.
  • Updated the battle interface to include a dedicated button for performing a Charged Attack.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.


You can now download Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA for iOS without jailbreak. This latest Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA for iOS bypasses some restrictions of the game and provides new features. Examples include walking around the map with a joystick, viewing IV stats of Pokemons before capturing them, spoofing your location, patrol mode and more. So, without any delay let’s plunge into the tutorial how to download Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA for iOS.

1.55.1 hack ipa


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  • To download Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA for iOS 10, you need to have a computer running Windows or MAC OS with the latest version of iTunes installed on it.
  • Now connect your iOS device to PC with MAC or Windows + iTunes using USB.
  • Launch browser on your PC and download the cydia impactor from below link provided, if you don’t have it previously.

Cydia Impactor

  • Now, extract the downloaded file and save them safely on your PC.
  • As next step download Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA file from below link provided.

Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1

  • Now from the cydia impactor files extracted, right click on Impactor.exe file i.e Cydia impactor executable file and launch it.

  • If you are Windows user just click on Run, don’t Run as Administrator. Doing this makes Drag and Drop of files not work on Windows 10.
  • Once launched Cydia Impactor will detect your devices connected, select your device from the drop-down.
  • Now drag the downloaded Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA file and drop in Cydia impactor window.

whatsapp ipad

  • It will ask for sign in with the developer account Apple ID. You can sign in with free developer account or full developer account. If you use free Apple developer account ID, app certificate will expire in 7 days. You have to repeat the process again after a week. So use full Apple Developer account ID to ensure the certificate remain valid for one year. So, enter valid Apple ID and password and click OK.
  • Now you will get a Warning, ignore it and click OK.
  • Cydia Impactor will fetch the related certificates, digitally sign the IPA file and install it. It will take some time so wait for the completion of installation.
  • Once installation completed, Launch the Settings app and navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. On some versions of iOS, this will be Settings > General > Device Management or Settings > General > Profile and Trust the app.

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That’s it the procedure to download Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA for iOS 10 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices without jailbreak.


Now turn on the location services via Settings > Privacy and launch the app. You should be able to launch and play Pokemon Go as normal, but with the addition of some additional cheat tweaks that makes the game a lot easier. That is the end of the article how to download Pokemon Go++ 1.55.1 hack IPA and 0.85.2 for Android update. Do share it on social media if it meant worth. Keep visiting us for more updates.

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