5 Things You Should Think Once before Doing On Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking website. 90% internet users have Facebook accounts. Nearly 50 crore members are using Facebook in the world. Facebook lets you have friends from all over the world. You can chat with your friends, meet new people, and understand different people and cultures. It works as a medicine also for those who feel alone all the time.

Facebook can be used in both good and bad ways. It will help you to reach your goals and ambitions if you use it wisely also, it can destroy you if you did any mistake. Positive side as examples we can say that Facebook helps you in job search, to publicize your business or product, to express your talent like books, poems, stories and painting anything. Anything you expressed will reach all over the world. But, if you did any stupid things without thinking about its consequences, it will destroy your life. So today here we are presenting some points which all things you should not do on Facebook to be safe.



Sending random friend requests to unknown persons is not a good way of using Facebook. Many of us including me also used to send friend requests to unknown persons randomly without checking anything about them. This will become a cause for many problems in future. Different kinds of people will be there in this world. We don’t know whose nature is good and whose is bad. So, just take a look at their posts and profile once to know at least basic information about what kind of person he/she is etc. about them before sending a friend request.  Also, if you send random friend request in bulk, your account will be blocked because Facebook designed some security measures to send friend requests. So, be alert and careful.


Facebook is all about concerning with people around the world. You may have the zeal to get more likes and comments on Facebook by posting your photos. But, never post your personal photos or family photos with public permissions. This will reveal your privacy to the whole world. There are many stalkers in Facebook waiting for an opportunity to create problems for you for their fun. Don’t give them chance to get into your life and ruin. These hackers’ incidents are increasing these days. So, be alert and share your posts with friends only.


Yes, never click any adult content on Facebook. Hackers are choosing adult content to spread malware across Facebook. One click may cause your system crash. It may cause to hack your account and post adult content automatically on your Facebook wall. Your friends will misunderstand you and everyone will think badly of you. Also, never watch adult content when you are logged into Facebook. If you are facing problem already, delete your account permanently and open a new account.


Never react on sensitive issues which create problems like religious, cast, color etc. You may have your opinion and it may be correct also but, never react on Facebook. These issues will include lakhs of member’s feelings. They will troll you like anything and create problems for you if they feel negative. Sometimes these things may lead you to jail also. So, think twice and thrice about the consequences before reacting on sensitive issues.


This is the thing you must remember. Don’t unfriend people on Facebook. We all human beings, we all have emotions like angry, sad, happiness everything. Sometimes you may quarrel with someone in anger. The first thing you would do in that situation is unfriend in Facebook. This is wrong, making unfriend is easy and a click away. But, after losing our anger it’s very hard to send a friend request again. Unfriending will hurt others a lot. Fights and problems will come and go, but relations matter. So, don’t lose one friend by unfriending in anger.


These are the things not to even try in Facebook. Read and follow to be safe and have good relations with the world. Don’t get into problems without your mistake. This is not the exact set of rules should follow. Our goal is to let you stop doing silly mistakes on Facebook. Follow if you convinced with these reasons and share in social media to let others also know.

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