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"Experience smooth gameplay and enhanced visuals with 90FPS & IPAD View feature on PUBG mobile using this Android app."

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90FPS & with IPAD View PUBG

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October 15, 2023


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90FPS is an Android app that allows PUBG players to enjoy the game at a higher frame rate of 90 frames per second. This means smoother gameplay and better graphics for those who have devices capable of handling it. The app has been designed specifically for PUBG, so users can expect optimal performance while playing their favorite game.

One unique feature of this app is its compatibility with iPad view on PUBG. This means that even if you’re using an Android device, you can experience the game in a similar way as if you were playing on an iPad. The larger screen size and aspect ratio make for a more immersive gaming experience, which is especially helpful during intense battles where every detail counts.

The packageId of the app is ‘com.my.kaced’, making it easy to find and download from the Google Play Store. Once installed, users simply need to launch the app before starting up PUBG to activate the 90 FPS mode. It’s important to note that not all Android devices are capable of running games at such high frame rates, so be sure to check your device’s specifications before downloading.

Overall, 90FPS & with IPAD View PUBG is a great option for gamers looking to enhance their PUBG experience on Android devices. With improved graphics and smoother gameplay, players will be able to take their skills to the next level and dominate their opponents like never before.

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