How to Use Android Data Recovery Software To Recover Deleted Files

In this modern era, every work can be done with the Android apps like chatting, online shopping and for so many other purposes. The platforms which supports these Android apps are Android Mobiles or Smartphones. Either directly or indirectly, Android devices are showing so much impact on the real life of human being. In one word, there is no doubt to say that Android is ruling the present world.

As everybody using the Android phones, it’s easy to store your important data or files in their mobiles. Precious files like photos, videos and some memorable pictures etc. So, what happens if you lose your data accidentally? Firstly, you may think that those deleted files can’t be retrieved. But, you can restore them very easily! That’s why I come up with a post which presents you how to recover deleted files from Android. I’ll give you a best free data recovery software to restore deleted data. So, follow these steps which are very simple and well arranged to restore lost files in Android.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m gonna present you the perfect Android data recovery software for recovering lost files. Even when I deleted contacts and files in my Android phone, I tried to restore them using this recovery tool and it worked. You can recover deleted photos from android by this Android data recovery software.

So, this Android data recovery software is useful not only to get back images, videos and photos but also to regain the phone contacts and deleted messages from your Android mobile or tablet.


This tool is free to download and has less file size compared to other softwares. Of course you can also buy the freeware if you wish to have more advanced attributes. You can get the free trial version very easily by the download button cited below.

Android Recovery Tool

Once you finish up the download of this recovery program, next follow below mentioned tips to install that tool perfectly and use that one to restore the deleted files.

  • Enable USB Debugging – Set Up Android: After connecting Android to PC, in this step, I’ll show you what to do in different Android OS versions, choose which one is yours and do like I say.
  • Subsequently run that tool, it’ll ask you to connect your Android to the PC. Do that and get ready to pull back your lost files.
  • Like you install other softwares in your PC, just do the installation of this one also. Give a double click in the downloaded setup file and install it.
  • Android 2.3 OS and earlier that: Go to ‘Settings’ >> Applications > Development > Check ‘USB debugging’.
  • Android 3 to 4.1 OS: Look into Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging.
  • Android 4.2 and newer versions: Settings >> About Phone > Click on ‘Build number’ until you notice a message like ‘You are under developer mode’. Once you see this, go back to Settings > Developer options > Check out ‘USB debugging’.

  • You may chose which type of file that you want to recover, if you can’t remember what type of file it is, then tick on ‘Select all’ and move further by clicking on ‘Next’.

  • After doing above step, next you’ll see three option like ‘Scan for deleted files’, ‘Scan for all files’ and ‘Advanced mode Scanning’. These three tells the level of scanning like first one is only for deleted data, second is for scanning all files.

  • Last but not the least one is to scan for undetected files which is already scanned by above two options. But third one takes more time to do scan but gives better result.
  • Later scanning finished, in your Android you’ll see a option ‘Allow’, just click on that and confirm that the request is remembered forever in order to get back the files without any errors.

  • Now go back to your PC and tap on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Make a preview of your lost data like photos, contacts and text messages then recover them back to your Android.

Now you got what you’ve lost and I hope you’ve done this very well to retrieve deleted data in Android that may be photos, contacts and anything. Just be careful and cautious in all the above four steps and do them as it is in your PC. Really this is an great Android data recovery tool to utilize on PC and you can use this anytime whenever you lose the data.

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