Best Apps to Install & Uninstall Multiple Apps on Windows

Every Windows user, including me, agree to the fact the installing and uninstalling multiple applications at once is a mind-boggling process. Microsoft, are you listening to us? Smashing that uninstall button and clicking on next every time you install or uninstall an application is very, very annoying. Moreover, the metro style feature in Windows 8.1 seems to be of no use.

Luckily, some developers in the market understand the needs of a consumer; thereby encoded such applications that allow users to perform such actions in the blink of an eye.  Though the applications are a third party, one need not worry about privacy and other such things. Let us see what these apps have to market.


Multi-install apps allow users to escape the process of manual mouse click every time you try to install an app. By batch processing techniques, one will be able to furnish multiple apps at once, without needing to compromise on settings or either of the stuff. Just rev up any of the below-mentioned apps and wait for selections to complete while enjoying a cup of brewed coffee!


The application is fairly lightweight and straightforward. The application boasts more than 16000 applications, yep, 16000 fully verified and tested applications. Other than batch processing, I found out that the application also updates applications installed to latest versions automatically, which can be a trade-off for many, as who has the time to check every application for updates? One will also be served with a hot list of applications trending amongst users that is cool.


No sooner you will realize that Ninite is a small package only, which means it will not occupy even a single byte out of your resources. One needs to checkmark the applications he or she wants on the website and rest Ninite will take care of.

Suppose, by chance, the application is installed but not up to date, Ninite is smart enough to overwrite the app with the latest version. All applications on Ninite are updated in sync with app’s official servers, therefore you need not worry about the versions.


SpeedInstall is a pure installer; means it will download and install applications for you. You‘ll can also grab every installer file and then batch process them via the application. Although the application lacks additional features, the only being embedded is the auto-updater, the main focused-upon performs outstandingly well in real world. The application zips through the installation process; you will be shocked by the speed. Just check mark the applications you want, hit install and let the race begin!


Hey, geeks, hold your seat belts, Npackd is here to get the command scripts going. Yep, Npackd allows installation of applications via command prompt. Basic users need not wary, as the application also renders to a fully functional GUI one. As an added bonus, you may use the batch uninstall capability in the program.

The application crafts headings that enclose useful information such as software version and type of license required. Npackd will not snore while installing apps, so sleep while the list installs.


Although known lesser in its department, the app does not lack functionality and much-needed offerings. FreeApps only deals with open source applications, which are both free to use and get regular updates, so you are bound to get the latest features and patches every time. FreeApps follows a similar design language to that of SpeedInstall, meaning that it will be familiar and easy to use if you have your hands on the latter earlier.


On the contrary to multi-install apps, multi-uninstall apps allows users to diverge the process of selecting and uninstalling each application. This can serve as a survival kit when one needs to remove bloatware and non-used programs at once. All you need to do is select applications to be uninstalled, click on a button and stare at the screen watching the progress meter.


Accredited as the best uninstaller yet by the users, it seems to be delivering so. The application not only uninstalls multiple apps from your PC at once but also after this it will also clean any unnecessary junk or files associated with the application. Moreover, one will also be able to shred registries in the Windows OS to speed up the system overall. Check the boxes, click on uninstall button and wait for the process to finish, as simple as that. The application sizes to a very small number, therefore, will not occupy much space on your PC’s hard drive.


Absolute Uninstaller offers much more than an uninstaller. Not shifting from our concern, the application gathers the packages installed on one’s system on launch. From there, one can uninstall applications in batch mode by selecting an option from the menu.

To make things clear, you can sort the list of the application using filters such as the size of installation, installation time etc. In addition to basic uninstalling, one will also be able to clean junk files and other residues left behind by the uninstalled app.


The application has gained immense recognition due to its capabilities. The uninstaller boasts powerful scanning for uninstallable applications that are not needed by the user. In accordance with our concern, one can uninstall multiple apps at once. dUninstaller is minimal and thereby easy to use.


Easy uninstaller is a multi-uninstaller packaged with all the basics. You will only encounter multiple uninstallation features, laid on top of a subtle blue background in combination with check boxes.

The built-in engine also helps to remove applications hidden inside folders and those revoking the permissions, thereby saving you additional clicks.


The swiss army knife of uninstallers is here. The applications flaunt features such as system cleaner, installation logs, forced uninstallation, uninstallation monitor in real time. In our concern, the application performs like a flash; removing junk files and leftover data in the count itself. Taking off multiple applications cannot be easier as it is with Revo Uninstaller.


These are the few apps using which you can install multiple apps at once in Windows. Go and get your wished app and put an end to clicking next for installation. Hope you like the article. Do share it on social media if you like the article.

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