Best Cydia Sources to Download Jailbreak apps – 2016 Edition

Cydia is a great tool that will serve the needs of every type of jailbroken Apple device user in the market. From covering basic enhancements to full-fledged hardware and software control takeover, Cydia can help you do basically anything. The jailbreak community is on the rise these days, with more and more apps being added to the Cydia server daily. To download safer and best apps, you should add best cydia sources to your jailbroken iDevices.

Cydia allows a user to download paid apps, unlock new features, modify the exciting ones. All that is done with the help of an application and a cydia repo. In order to get the installation running on your iDevice, you will first need to add best cydia sources to Cydia listings. By doing this, you will channel Cydia to look up to a certain mod/tweak, sync the dependencies and grab the app. For every mod, there’s a dedicated cydia repo, and you will need to find a legit one to play with your phone privacy safely.

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There are literally thousands of cydia repos for Cydia right now. Who in the world has enough time to dig each and every one of these; definitely not you! So, for making this a tad easier for you, we’ve arranged a list of top 7 best Cydia sources for Cydia tweaks to help you getting started. All the cydia sources are legit, linked to the official development, hence you need not worry about your phone being hacked into.

Top 7 Best Cydia Sources

ModMyi :

ModMyI is an all-in-one and one of the best cydia sources which offers detailed insights on Cydia mods and apps. The editors also publish reviews on specific apps and mods every now and then. The application is itself very intuitive and easy to use. It is divided into categories, which includes books, educational, lifestyle and much more. ModMyi contains some paid tweaks also among which Sbsettings and MyWi are most useful.

Repository :

SinfuliPhoneRepo :

SinfuliPhoneRepo lets you download paid Cydia tweaks for free! Yes, you read that right. The number of apps available is decent, yet all work without any problems. Developers is adding new apps  to the existing database every week or so.


ICleaner Pro :

Unlike Android phones, there are not any cleaning tools available. The limited storage creates a headache for those who have purchased lower end models. The cache, unused files, leftover update files use up unwanted storage space. ICleaner Cydia app will clear all such files from the iPhone or iPad. With the help of this app, you can also remove unwanted system languages, keyboards, fonts etc. There are two versions, the iCleaner and iCleaner Pro, which vary on the grounds of features offered.

Repository :

Download Iconizer Cydia Tweak

Vshare Repo :

Vshare is the best cydia sources when it comes to alternatives to Installous. The app possesses a very clean and minimal interface, covers almost every paid app on the App Store and even has an inbuilt download manager. Vshare is compatible with most of the iOS versions out there, making it ideal for everyone. You will need to install Appsync for it to work.

Repository :

IPhone Cake Repo :

If you are into gaming, then iPhone Cake Repo will be your best companion. There are a plethora of aftermarket and unofficial games in the app repository. Along with games, the repo also offers mods and tweaks to the games such as Asphalt 5. For example, you can add custom cars to Asphalt 5. Isn’t that great?


FillippoBiga Repo :

The stock Apple devices aren’t as customizable as a user will likely want to. FillippoBiga can fix this. The tweak allows you to change status bar, icons, dock, folder appearance, lock screen and much more. You will need ‘Springtomize’ to proceed with the customization apart from the repo.


BigBoss Repo :

BigBoss, the name rightly holds up for the repository. The possibilities with this repo are endless. There are more 100 tweaks, apps, mods, themes, tools etc. Just as an example, you can change the vibration pattern for an incoming call. If you have an app, BigBoss will even let you host the same onto their servers. There’s also a dedicated section where you can send out ideas for tweaks and discuss existing tweaks.


Wrapping Up :

Fix Wow, Exceeded the Number of Package Names Error

That wraps up the list of top best Cydia sources available for your jailbroken iDevices. This list was prepared on the basis of functionality, the number of downloads and the user-end experience. Do ensure the compatibility of your device and the software (and sub-apps) before installing any of the above mentioned Cydia repo to avoid damage. You can also add the following repositories to the list of best Cydia sources:

  • Pushfix:
  • Hashbang productions:
  • Ryan Petrich:
  • IHacks:

You find any difficulty in adding sources to Cydia check our guide How to add cydia sources for installing new cydia apps.

Hope this list of best cydia sources satisfies you most. If you find any other repo doing good let us know.  If this article meant useful, don’t for get to share and help your friends in finding best cydia sources.

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