What is Cydia : A Quick Guide to Beginners

Hello buddies, welcome to cydiabuzz.com. I hope all of you are iDevice users and you all know that iDevices are known for their high performance and security. Apple products doesn’t allow you to download external apps except from App store. On considering security reasons , Appstore only approves those apps to be safe for your device and these apps includes both paid and free apps. Some paid apps might be very important to you and you may not in position to afford those. For those users, Cydia is the solution. Now, I will share details on what is Cydia, what is jailbreak, How to use cydia interface etc. Also check: How to add cydia sources

What is Cydia

For the beginners the first question arises is what is cydia. Cydia is just a software which enables you to download and install many tweaks like AppStore does. It is an independent, unofficial third-party Appstore for iDevices. Now you may get doubt if cydia is quiet similar to Appstore, why we need cydia as we already had AppStore?.  Well, Cydia provides you more apps those Apple doesn’t approve and you can enjoy many paid apps for free or with a liitle charge. Well , if you are interested in installing cydia first you have to jailbreak your device.

What is jailbreaking

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Well, I’m not going to dive deeper into this topic, we will just talk on what is jailbreak? And some tools we usually use to jailbreak iDevices. Jailbreaking is a process of removing all restrictions Apple imposed on iDevices and getting the root access for your iDevice using jailbreaking tools. Jailbreaking is devided into three types as Tathered, Untathered and semi-tathered jailbreak.

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Well, What is the difference between Tathered, Untathered and semi-tathered jailbreaking?.Tathered jailbreak is least desirable as this requires to connect to computer every time you reboots your device. If you are out or you don’t have system with you and your device reboots you’re up a creek without a paddle. Semi-tathered jailbreak allows you to reboot your device but with some restrictions. You may not be accessible for some cydia jailbreaking apps. Untathered jailbreaking is the most desirable one, this allows you to jailbreak your device, use Cydia tweaks and reboot your device as of your wish with no restrictions.

There are a wide range of tools out that are utilized for jailbreaking. SpiritJB, Limera1n, Blackra1n, PwanageTool, Redsn0w, Greenpois0n, Sn0wbreeze and JailbreakMe are some devices for jailbreaking. However, tool you choose depends on many factor such as iDevice version, Locked or unlocked iDevice or iOS version.

Explore Cydia Interface

Once after completion of installation you need to know first how to use cydia to install apps. You can find five tabs in cydia interface where each one has its own use.

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What is cydia

Home : It is like normal home page for all other apps. Like all home pages here you will find account information, FAQs, settings and some recommended apps, themes etc.

Sections: In this screen you will find the categories for all the apps. You can choose the category you want and search for the tweaks you wished for.

Changes: This section will update every time you open the cydia. It has all the information about latest updates for the tweaks you have already installed.

Manage: Here you can manage all the apps, installed programs and repositories. You can add or remove tweaks installed in your device at this section, also you can access your device’s entire storage.

Search: Here you can search for the app you wished for if you know the name of the tweak rather going through all the repositories and search.

Till now we have seen what is cydia? and how to use cydia?. If you are installing free apps you can download them directly and install but, if you are installing paid apps how you will pay?. Appstore gives you the facility to pay using iTunes Apple ID to puchase apps. It is easier to pay using cydia, you can simply login using your facebook or twitter account and pay via Paypal.

Is Cydia safe

Finally after reading all these things you may get a doubt, is using Cydia safe?.  Frankly speaking it’s not completely safe using cydia because almost all the jailbreaking apps will be available on cydia store. In those some viral and harmful apps also can be approved. Using these harmful apps will cause problem to your device. So to be safer checking reviews in the internet before installing any app is better. You can find many trusted repositories like Bigboss and ModMyi repo. Downloading from these trusted repositories is recommended to be safe. Some users think that installing cydia will cause your device slow, it’s not true. Yes, whenever you open cydia it will search for updates and download them first, that’s why it takes time to load.

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I hope now you get a basic idea on what is cydia and cydia basics, what is jailbreak, how to use cydia interface etc. In the next post I will come up with how to add cydia sources. Till then have a nice day, thank you for reading the post. Please share post on social media, if its meant to be useful.You can join us on Facebook or Twitter for keeping yourself updated with latest news and tweaks from iPhone and iPad jailbreak community.

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