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Hello, buddies Cydiabuzz team is back again with one more interesting article. These days life become a race. Everyone is busy with their work and responsibilities. During our daily life, we are facing many problems and getting more stress too. Everyone needs some refreshment in this situation. Most of us go for watching movies, playing games on mobiles whenever we have free time. Are you also game lover? Do you love playing games on your iOS device? If yes, you will be really excited today after reading this article. Today we are going to present the procedure to download XmodGames for iOS on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. After Xmodgames download and installation, you can play the most lovable games like Clash of clans, Minecraft, Candy Crush Saga, 8 Ball Pool, Clash of Royle, Flappy Bird and much more.

Xmodgames Download

Xmodgames is a super mobile game assistant tool with various mods based on jailbroken iDevice and Android (after rooted) device. Xmodgames is an assistant tool not a hacking tool, which helps players pursue their goals better and provide players with a better game experience.

Features of XmodGames

  • An all-round management for games, the in-app launching of mods.
  • User-friendly UI, Launch mods in one click and auto detection of game list.
  • NEW gadgets to enhance social interactions in games.
  • Super game mods, surpass your opponents.
  • Epic game tools, fulfill your goal in games.
  • XmodGames also supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Bahasa Indonesia.

Method 1: Download XmodGames for iOS on iPhone, Ipad, and iPod Touch Using DEB

You need to have a jailbroken iOS device to download XmodGames for iOS on your iDevice. If you are not jailbroken follow this guide to jailbreak your iOS device and start following below steps one by one to download XmodGames for iOS on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

  1. Download XmodGames DEB file(x.deb) from here .
  2. You need to have iFunbox or iTools installed on your PC.
  3. If you don’t have iFunbox, Click on the links for downloading iFunbox, iTools for Windows, iTools for MAC and follow the guide to install iFunbox to your PC.
  4. Now, connect your iDevice with PC and launch iFunbox.
  5. Make sure iFunbox detected your device.
  6. Navigate to iFunbox Classic –> Connected devices –> Cydia App Install as shown in below image.

Download Xmodgames 1

      7. Copy DEB file downloaded to the Cydia App Install. x.deb file will be auto installed and the file will be deleted once installation completed successfully.

Restart your device and enjoy the XmodGames on your iOS device.

Method 2:  Download XmodGames for iOS on iPhone, Ipad and iPod Touch from Cydia

Follow below steps to download XmodGames for iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from Cydia.

  1. Open Cydia on your iDevice
  2. Navigate to Sources tab and click on Edit at top right corner.
  3. Click on Add at top left corner, a dialogue box will appear.
  4. Enter the URL : and click on Add Source.
  5. Now, Return to Cydia and search for Xmodgames and install it.

That’s it, you have successfully installed Xmodgames.


This is all about download Xmodgames for iOS on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There are many famous games available on Xmodgames. Follow procedure download Xmodgames and have unlimited refreshment and time pass. This is the end of the article to download Xmodgames. Hope you like the article. Do share it on social media and let others know the procedure to download Xmodgames for iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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