8 Google Chrome Extensions Those Make Your Chrome More Special

Today Cydiabuzz team came up with a new tip to make your Google Chrome browser more flexible and special. Nowadays Most of the internet users are using chrome browser to browse the internet. Chrome is providing many features and also much efficient than many other browsers. It may take more memory, but it is faster and easier to use. It is also providing many extensions and widgets to make the user experience much better. We Cydiabuzz team have analyzed some extensions and picked the most useful extensions for our users. Today we will discuss those extensions, how useful those extensions are. If you are chrome browser user, just go through the article and try them once you will definitely see the difference.

Chrome Extensions That Make Chrome Much Useful


OneTab is useful to manage tabs in chrome browser. Are working with too many tabs in the browser and getting confused? , just click on OneTab icon. It will convert all your tabs to a list. Now you can restore any tab you wished to use from the list or you can restore all at once also. Creating single tabs list using OneTab will reduce 95% of memory usage because you are decreasing a number of tabs open in Google Chrome. Privacy also assured from OneTab developers. OneTab never transmits or share your listed pages information until unless you share the page with someone using share as a webpage feature.


Google Dictionary is a very useful extension for students. You can double click or select any word on the web page you are reading to view its meaning in a small pop-up without leaving the current page. You can also store the words history you looked up to have a look at them later. Also, you can download all looked up words history to a CSV file using this extension.


Do you ever want to have lyrics aside when you are watching any video song on youtube? Musicmatch lyrics for youtube extension will get the lyrics to show you up automatically on time with the music. You can also change font and color for lyrics.


Are you finding difficult to bookmark everything you want to go through again? .Then Evernote web clipper extension is the solution. This is the official extension from Evernote. You can use Evernote web clipper to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. You can clip the web pages or articles you want, save them in Evernote and find them easily in any device using Evernote.



This is one of the best extension for Google Chrome. Awesome screen shot app lets you take a screenshot of your screen without using any external apps or software. You can annotate images as you want using this app. You just need to take a screenshot or add images from gallery and made changes you wanted using annotation tools available. You can save these images either local or online. Saving in online will give you a shareable link using which you can share those images with anyone.



Grammarly for chrome extension will correct any typing grammar mistakes automatically. If you add it to the browser, it will check for punctuation mistakes also. You can leave tensions while sending any official or important emails. You can also download and configure the app to your Microsoft word also to check for errors while you are working with documents.



This extension is very useful to those who use Gmail more. This extension mainly for giving offline Gmail access to see emails and respond to required messages without internet access. Responded email will be in the queue until you get connected to the internet. Once connected it will automatically send the queued emails even if we forgot.


Hover zoom extension will help you to view full-size images of thumbnails on many websites without loading to a new page. It enlarges thumbnails on mouse over and shows the full image.


So these are some of the best extensions we Cydiabuzz team found for making Google Chrome more flexible and special. Hope you liked all extensions. You can click the links given and add all extensions to your chrome browser. If you know any other much useful extensions please let us know through comments and help us in providing the best content to Cydiabuzz visitors. Thank you all for visiting the cydiabuzz.com. We will get back to you with one more useful article soon.

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