How to Make USB Drive Bootable Using Command Prompt In Windows

Hello buddies, welcome back to Cydiabuzz. Today Cydiabuzz team came up with a useful tip ‘’How to create bootable USB drive on windows using command prompt’’. Nowadays we are changing operating system very often either because of system problems or because of our enthusiasm to try new versions. We have a lot of methods available to install the operating system, installing the operating system using bootable USB drive is one among them. We have to make USB drive bootable to use for installing the operating system. There are many ways to make USB bootable using software, additional files and using command prompt etc. Among all command prompt is the best and simple way to make USB bootable. Now we will explain each and every step to make USB bootable using the command prompt. Just follow below steps and screenshot to make your USB bootable.

Make USB Drive Bootable Using Command Prompt

  • As a first step insert USB drive to a PC running Windows operating system.
  • Go to windows start menu type ‘’cmd’’ in the search You will find ‘cmd’, right click on it and Run as Administrator.

  • Type diskpart on command prompt and hit enter. Wait till completion of command execution.

  • Type list disk and hit Enter. It will get all active drives connected with your device with names Disk 0, Disk 1 etc. with their memory capacities.

  • Choose USB drive disk name you want to make bootable and type select Disk name (Replace disk name with USB drive disk name shown in command prompt) and hit Enter. This command selects the drive you want to make bootable
  • After selecting need to clean the drive selected. Type clean and hit Enter, it will clean complete data in selected drive.

  • Now you need to make the drive as a primary For that run command create partition primary.It will make the selected drive as primary partition and windows will recognize this as partition 1.
  • Run command select primary partition 1 to make it as an active partition.
  • Run command active to activate the current
  • Type format fs=NTFS Quick and click Enter. It will format the current partition as NTFS file system.
  • Run exit command for leaving diskpart

Now your USB drive is bootable. You can transfer operating system files to USB drive and use for installing a new operating system to your PC.


These are the very few and simple steps to make your USB drive bootable. Hope this is useful for you. Cydiabuzz team will come back to you with one more useful and interesting tip soon. Share it on social media if you really like the article. Thanks for visiting Cydiabuzz.

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