How to Password Protect a USB Drive

Here in this article we will get the knowledge of ” how to password protect a usb drive” and how can we give such protection with different types of software and encryption mechanisms.Nowadays, USB drives are capable of storing huge amount of data, even up to 1TB! With access to such capacity, we prefer to keep all our important data on USB sticks to keep it with us all the time. However, such portability of important data also raises protection concern. USB drives are portable and very small in size and manufacturers are aiming for making them even smaller with each evolution, which means you can easily lose huge amounts of data in an instant.

If access to your information is not protected, anyone can easily use it for the wrong purpose. So password protect a usb drive or at least the sensitive data is of extreme importance.

USB Security is a great software to password protect a usb drive. This is a shareware application but it works well with all functions for 30 days. After that you need to buy full license to use application without any problem.


follow below steps to password protect a usb drive using USB security.

1.Download latest version of USB security setup file from official website.

2. Double click on USB security setup and accept the terms & conditions to proceed with the installation. Once you click on accept button it will show all available removal drives in your pc.

3. Choose your USB drive from the list and click on install button.

4. Once the installation completed, click on finish. Now you’ll see another window which have some sort of options related to pen drive protection. It asks you to set a new password to password protect a usb drive along with a hint(optional). Enter a strong password and click on protect.

Don’t use weak passwords like pet names, mobile numbers, loved one’s names to protect sensitive data. Anyone can blindly guess such passwords.

5. Now it copies whole data into a secret partition and lock it with password. To get data from pen drive you need to run USBsecurity.exe file from USB flash drive and enter password to unlock pendrive.

That’s about the password protect a usb drive. We know about the installation of USB security but we should also be clear about the un-installation of this application. Please check below for un-installation procedure.

How to Uninstall USB Security.exe Completely from Your Pendrive?

Normal program uninstallation process doesn’t work with this application because it doesn’t install on PC, it installs on USB drive.

So before uninstalling this application you need to unprotect this application. After that it shows two options. Those are Uninstall and Reprotect.

Click on Uninstall button then it prompts another dialogue box with a message “Are you sure you want to uninstall USB Security”. Click on OK button to uninstall USB Security completely.


1. Truecrypt

2. Rohos mini drive

3. Comodo Disk Encryption

4. USB Safeguard

5. Diskcryptor

That’s about “How to password protect a usb drive”.

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