Iconizer Cydia Tweak : Best Ever Home Screen Effects Tweak

Iconizer Cydia Tweak : Hello buddies, welcome back. Today we cydiabuzz team came up with an interesting app using which you can customize you home screen as you want. Iconizer cydia tweak is a simple and useful app which allows you to create different types of icons in seconds. This tweak is cooked with various icons (under different categories) like actions, folders, applications, hardware and devices, communications, mime types and holidays.

Adding a touch of personality to your home screen is a way by which a person can make their device stand out from others. While changing wallpaper and arranging folders is okay, what if you are looking for something more in depth? If that is the case, you can try the new jailbreak tweak dubbed as ‘Iconizer’ cydia tweak.

With this iconizer cydia tweak, you can tinker with your home screen effects app icon animations but you can also add some amazing effects to your app icon. These effects are fully customizable. The customization includes the ability to choose the file type like GIF, JPEG or PNG etc., background and foreground colour, making a transparent background and altering the icon size.

Features of Iconizer Cydia Tweak

The app is loaded with a plethora of features to explore and play with. To start, we can customise our preference pane, where you can find a kill switch and multiple cells which are intended for configuring your Home screen in a way you like.

Following are some of the major features of the application:

  1. Configuring Icons- This is the first section of iconizer tweak which deals with the app icons. In this, you can Setup your own animation like None, Rotate Clockwise, Counter Clock Wise, Slide the slider to adjust animation, Icon Opacity, Size, Reset Settings etc.
  2. Configuring Icon Images- Once you have programmed your icons to behave like the way you want them, you can now start changing the look and feel of your icon in this section. Here, you can change your image colour, glow, animation, border, mask, filter and position offset. But you can also reset these changes to factory settings anytime you want. In this, you can change icon opacity, its colour like None, Transparent, Translucent, choose thickness and border style and much more. By choosing the right combination of icon apparel and animations, you can create a visually appealing effect.
  3. Configuring Icon Labels- This is a major feature of iconizer tweak that lets you configure your app icon label separately from the app icon. In this, you can change the colour like Automatic IOS colour Palettes, add Animations like Grow, Shrink, Pulse or Wiggle, Slide to adjust the slider, move the label to the top of the app icon and Adjust the left or right position offset.
  4. Extras- Talking about the extras section, this tweak provides some additional settings for the dock and other home screen elements. You can configure the things like enabling or disabling live changes, dock Colour, docks alpha Level, docks corner Radius.
  5. Other Goodies- The iconizer cydia tweak includes settings for loading your self-designed iconizer themes and taking a backup your current theme settings. You can save Multiple iconizer themes on your device.

Customization Options

With the help of iconizer cydia tweak, you can customize the things listed below:

  1. You can set animation for your app icons according to your preference.
  2. You get a choice to select your own app colour, border size, animation, glow effects, masks and filters for your app icons.
  3. You can configure the icon size, rotation, opacity, position offset and much more aspects to playing with.
  4. Modify your docks.
  5. Set your own profile and apply your theme.

How Does Iconizer Works

Here are few steps that you can follow:

  • For every icon, icon image and label is selected as per your custom values.
  • There are 10 themes that are ready to use and you can create your own themes as well.
  • The profile allows you to apply themes to icons individually based on specific conditions like a badge value.
  • You can apply your theme with a specific icon that you want.

Iconizer cydia tweak creates its own cache data on the device’s local storage. This helps you in saving your phone’s battery life, boosts the runtime performance. It also allows you to return quickly on the default icons if needed. Iconizer does not require winter board or any other theme software.


Iconizer cydia tweak is a good tool if you are into customization and stuff. In order to proceed with the installation, you will need Cydia repository and jailbreak access. Also, please confirm the compatibility of the device you are going to install iconizer cydia tweak onto. It is recommended to take a backup of your device once before installing the app.

You can download Iconizer cydia tweak from BigBoss repository and get customize your jailbroken iOS device home screen with lot of effects. It’s a paid app, price of the app is $1.99. So, this is one of the best home screen app I want to share with you. Let us know what you feel about Iconizer cydia tweak through comments. Next time we cydiabuzz team will come up with a new interesting topic.

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