New or Updated iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks to Check Out

iOS 10.2 jailbreak is released. It may be in beta stage but from Todesco’s latest tweet about Yalu102 beta 6 iOS 10.2 jailbreak ‘’ hopefully one step closer to final with yalu102 b6 now available at ‘’, we can expect the final version of jailbreak soon. The first thing everyone search just after the jailbreak is compatible tweaks. I’m also one of them. In the process, we have come across some cool iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks. Today we are presenting those list of iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks we have come across. Also Read: iOS 10 Jailbreak tweaks.

iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks


noctis9 iOS 10.2 Jailbreak tweaks

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Have you ever wanted a dark mode for your iPhone or iPad like many other iOS users? If yes, Noctis9 is the one good jailbreak tweak which brings a dark mode like features to your iOS device. It gives dark mode effects to all major parts of iOS including Control center, application dock, 3D touch menus, application folders and volume HUD. The tweak is available on Bigboss repo for the cost of $2.00. It officially supports iOS 9 but also working fine on iOS 10.2. (Source: Reddit)



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Are you getting too many notification badges on your home screen from the app icons? If you want to clear those badges, you need to open the app. It will take plenty of time to launch each app. BadgeCleaner will give solution for that. With BadgeCleaner installed, any time you attempt to launch an app with a notification badge on it, you’ll get the options menu as above to clear the app’s badge notification, or to open the app as you normally would. You can also tap cancel to do nothing. The tweak is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost.



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Have you ever wanted to see what’s on your clipboard by invoking reachability view in iOS? ReachBoard is the once cool jailbreak tweak that lets you see the contents of your iOS clipboard inside the Reachability view of your iPhone. ReachBoard works on all types of contents like text, images, URL etc. It officially supports iOS 9.3.3 but also working on iOS 10.2. It is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost. (Source: Reddit).

iCleaner Pro


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iCLeaner Pro is the best tweak that cleans all unnecessary and temporary files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Are you running low on storage space? Try iCleaner pro to clean all unnecessary files. It is updated for iOS 10.2. Here is the guide to download iCleaner Pro.



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We don’t have an official dark theme for iOS from Apple so, we are relying on jailbreak tweaks for that. We have already seen Noctis9 which adds a dark mode to many components like 3D touch, the dock, application folders, control center etc. Here are one more tweak DarkMessages which enables built-in dark theme for the messages app. It is available at repo for free of cost and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 10.(Source: Reddit).


slidecut image

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SlideCut will give you a huge number of shortcuts inside the system keyboard. SlideCut allows you to slide from your spacebar key to any shortcut key to execute an action. We have many shortcuts available like cut, copy, paste, undo etc. It is available in Bigboss repo for free of cost.



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We all know, switching between apps is much improved on iOS these days but Kaze taken these things one step further with hot corners and a quick switcher for apps. Kaze is available on BigBoss Repo for free of cost.



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Sick of actually pressing on your iPhone’s Home button to activate it? We are, which is where Sensible comes in. With this tweak, you can configure Touch ID to do all kinds of things, removing the need to actually press the button at all. Sensible is available on BigBoss Repo for free of cost.


Battery life

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Have a battery that isn’t performing quite as well as it used to? With BatteryLife for iOS 10, you can check on the health of that battery, as well as take a look at all kinds of metrics. Perfect for the battery nerds out there. BatteryLife is available on BigBoss Repo for free of cost.



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Remove a layer from Control Center, making everything even flatter than before and making icons look as if they’re floating. It’s a really cool effect! Onion is available on BigBoss Repo for free of cost.



We hate it when app notifications appear at inopportune moments, especially when playing games. With Eyeplugs, users can set iOS to only show banner notifications when a user wants, on an app-by-app basis. EyePlugs is available on BigBoss Repo for free of cost.



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Home screen and icon customization with handy preset function for saving and sharing configurations. ReformX is available on BigBoss Repo for free of cost.


Nougat folder

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Want to have Android Nougat-style folders in iOS? Want no more! Then no need to think, directly download it from BigBoss repository on cydia. NougatFolder is available on BigBoss Repo for free of cost.



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Spin jailbreak tweak is what lock screen media controls would look like if they were designed by someone with more flare than the people who apparently designed the ones for iOS. Harsh? Maybe. It’s absolutely true, though. Spin is available on BigBoss repo for the cost of $0.99.



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Add toggles and things like a notepad and web browser to the iOS lock screen and Notification Center. Folcon is available on Bigboss repo for the cost of $1.49.

App Center


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You can never have enough app launching and multitasking options. App Center brings apps to Control Center, and even has them run in their own pages, which can be of varying size. Awesome stuff and well worth the $4. AppCenter is available on Bigboss repo for the cost of $3.99.

Volume Amplifier

Volume Amplifier

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Have you ever been trying to listen to music or a podcast on your iPhone or iPad and thought that the speaker could benefit from being a little louder? With Volume Amplifier, that’s all taken care of. In fact, the maximum volume can be increased by up to 200%! Volume Amplifier is available on Bigboss repo for the cost of $1.99.

DisplayWeather 10

Display Weather

Get a handy, lovely-looking weather forecast right on the iOS Lock screen and Notification Center on an iPhone. This is available on iPads running iOS 10 but Apple for whatever reason has disabled it on iPhone. With this jailbreak tweak though, you can get it even on your iPhone. DisplayWhether10 is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost.


Clean Notification10

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Take iOS 10’s notifications and spruce them up a bit with this tweak. By “unifying the content blur across each notification,” CleanNotifications10 makes iOS notifications look more, well, clean. ClearNotification10 is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost.



Certtime remaining

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This will only be of use to you if you know you need it. If not, then move along. If it’s the former, then this tweak can check when your Yalu, Mach_Portal+Yalu or Home Depot jailbreak certificate will expire. CertTime Remaining is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost.

AquaBoard (BigBoss, $2.99)


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With AquaBoard installed, you can pretend that your iPhone’s SpringBoard is under water. Tap the screen to create a ripple effect – you know you want to. This tweak has recently been updated with iOS 10 support. AquaBoard is available on Bigboss repo for the cost of $2.99.



Finger Touch

Customization is not one of iOS’s strong points, but with tweaks like Iconizer, that need not be the case. With this tweak installed, users have control over just about every aspect of their SpringBoard icons. You’ll lose hours to playing with this! iConizer tweak is available on Bigboss repo for the cost of $1.99. Read Full Review On iCOnizer Cydia Tweak : Best Home Screen Effects App.


Open Notifier10

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It’s something Android users have enjoyed for years, but with OpenNotifier10, iOS users can also enjoy notification icons in the Status Bar. OpenNotifier10 is available on for free of cost.



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Following the theme of customization, Noti++ allows iOS users to alter almost every aspect of how notifications are handled within the operating system. You can tweak everything to be just the way you like. Score one for jailbreaking! Noti++ is available on repo for free of cost.


This tweak will make it possible to play Nintendo’s Super Mario Run even if your iOS device is jailbroken, despite Nintendo’s checks. RunMario is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost.


Configure iOS to automatically connect to a VPN when specific apps are launched. Perfect if you need Netflix or Hulu to think you’re somewhere you aren’t. SmartVPN is available for free of cost.


Touching your iOS device’s screen is so 2016. In 2017, we’re all about using the Home button as a source of gestures for controlling iOS. With FingerTouch, that’s eminently possible. FingerTouch is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost.


Keyboard clicks are the work of the devil himself, but having your iPhone vibrate subtly when you tap a key? That’s the kind of thing dreams are made of. Haptic Keyboard makes dreams come true. HapticKeyboard is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost.

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These are some iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks we have come across. We may miss much more. If you find any other useful iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks please let us know through comments so that we can add them to our list to provide more information for jailbreak users. Hope you like the list of iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks. Do share it on social media if it meant useful. Keep visiting us for more updates.

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