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The 'LTO Exam and Reviewer 2021' app is designed to help individuals prepare for the Land Transportation Office (LTO) exam in the Philippines.

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September 2, 2023


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The LTO Exam and Reviewer 2021 is an Android app that aims to help aspiring drivers in the Philippines pass their Land Transportation Office (LTO) exams. The app contains a comprehensive database of questions and answers related to road safety, traffic rules and regulations, driving etiquette, and other topics covered by the LTO exam.

With this app, users can take practice tests anytime and anywhere they want. They can choose from different categories such as multiple-choice questions or true/false statements. Users can also track their progress through the app’s built-in scoring system which provides feedback on areas where they need improvement.

Aside from its review features, the LTO Exam and Reviewer 2021 also offers helpful tips for first-time drivers. It includes information about car maintenance, fuel efficiency, defensive driving techniques, and more.

Overall, the LTO Exam and Reviewer 2021 is a useful tool for anyone who wants to become a licensed driver in the Philippines. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate while its extensive content ensures that users are well-prepared for their LTO exams. With over 100 thousand downloads on Google Play Store alone, it has proven to be a reliable resource for many Filipino motorists looking to get behind the wheel safely.

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