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"Track your running route, distance, pace and calories burned with Map My Run by Under Armour - the ultimate fitness companion."

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August 25, 2023


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Map My Run by Under Armour is a popular Android app that helps runners track their workouts and monitor progress. The app uses GPS technology to map out routes, calculate distance, pace, elevation, and calories burned during the workout. Users can also set goals for themselves and receive audio feedback on their progress throughout the run.

One of the key features of Map My Run is its social community aspect. Users can connect with friends who also use the app and share their runs on various social media platforms. This feature allows users to stay motivated and accountable while sharing tips and encouragement with others in the running community.

Another useful feature of Map My Run is its ability to sync with other fitness tracking devices such as Fitbit or Garmin watches. This integration provides users with even more detailed data about their workouts, including heart rate information.

Overall, Map My Run by Under Armour is an excellent tool for runners looking to improve their performance and connect with like-minded individuals in the running community. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get started on their fitness journey, whether they are just starting out or training for a marathon.

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