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Genius Studio Japan Inc.

A romantic dating simulation game where players take care of and date their virtual dog girlfriend.

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September 9, 2023


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My Dog Girlfriend: Dating Sim is a fun and unique Android game that allows players to experience the joys of dating their very own dog. The game has been developed by Studio Genius Inu, and its packageId is ‘studio.genius.inu’. It’s an interactive visual novel where you get to play as a young man who falls in love with his pet dog.

The gameplay revolves around building your relationship with your furry companion through various interactions such as feeding, playing games, taking walks together, and more. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new outfits for your dog girlfriend and even have the opportunity to take her on romantic dates.

One of the standout features of My Dog Girlfriend: Dating Sim is its stunning graphics and visuals. The characters are beautifully designed, and the animations are smooth and fluid. Additionally, the soundtrack perfectly complements the overall feel of the game.

Overall, if you’re looking for a lighthearted and entertaining dating sim that offers something different from traditional human-to-human relationships, then My Dog Girlfriend: Dating Sim is definitely worth checking out. Its quirky premise combined with excellent execution makes it one of the most enjoyable Android games available today.

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