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Opensalon PRO GO is a mobile application designed for salon professionals to manage their appointments, clients and services on-the-go.

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August 12, 2023


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OpenSalon PRO GO is a powerful Android app designed for salon owners and managers to manage their business operations more efficiently. The app offers an array of features that enable users to streamline their daily tasks, track appointments, inventory management, employee schedules, and much more.

With the packageId ‘’, OpenSalon PRO GO provides real-time analytics on all aspects of your salon business. This feature allows you to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights about customer behavior, sales trends, and other key performance indicators.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for salon owners to manage their staff schedules by assigning shifts and tracking attendance. Additionally, with its inventory management system, OpenSalon PRO GO enables users to keep track of product stock levels in real-time and automatically reorder when necessary.

One unique aspect of this app is its marketing automation module which helps businesses reach out to customers through personalized messages via email or SMS. With the ability to send targeted promotions or reminders directly to clients’ phones, salons can increase customer loyalty while boosting revenue at the same time.

Overall, OpenSalon PRO GO is a comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of your salon business from one platform. It saves time and resources while providing valuable insights into how your business operates so that you can optimize processes and grow your bottom line.

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