QuickShoot Pro : Must Have Cydia App for Every Photographer

Hello buddies, welcome back. Till the time we have discussed what is Cydia and how to add sources to Cydia. As a next step I have come up with  a tweak that really can make you crazy about it. In today world mobile phone become a part of our life. Life without mobile phone can’t be imagine also. We use mobile phones for calling, chatting, internet purposes, for entertainment and most importantly as a camera. And guess what, your iDevice camera will become a bit better with introducing this new Cydia tweak Quickshoot Pro.

How to Use QuickShoot Pro

Personally I like photography very much. I wished to capture every memorable moment in my life into my camera. But, unfortunately sometimes I used to miss some good snapshots as some pretty precious moments may arise unexpectedly without our notice. You also might have missed some ideal snapshots as you waited for camera app to launch in your phone. If you face such a problem just checkout this amazing tweak Quickshoot Pro. This can make your camera much better to take quick snapshots.


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What Quickshoot pro will do is, it just allows you take pictures and videos quickly from your home-screen. You don’t have to launch camera app and wait for loading camera UI to take pictures and videos. Once Quickshoot pro installed in your iDevice, it automatically configure your camera app icon to itself acts as a capture button. From then, you just need to double tap to take a quick snapshot. You can see a little animation denoting the snapshot was taken. For recording a video You can just Triple tap on camera icon, it starts recording video. Once recording completed you can again triple tap on icon to stop recording. While recording the video you can see a red LED like below indicating that video capturing is going on.


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Configure Camera Settings

You can also configure the camera settings in this tweak to get more customized snaps. Now we will go deep into the Settings of app which shows you different options to configure. Below is the settings window and I will explain use of every option available. You can configure any activator gesture also to take pictures and videos, instead of having to double tap or triple tap every time which makes it more useful.


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Camera Device – This option lets you to shift between front and rear cameras.

Video Quality – Here you can choose the quality of video you are recording.

Flash Mode – Here you can find the flash controls like Enable, disable or automatic.

HDR – To enable HDR images.

Anti-Blur – This enables you to take only non-blurred images means it waits for standard image before capturing.

Image Capture Shortcuts – You can capture images by performing some activator gestures rather than double tapping. Here you can set the gestures for capturing images.

Video Capture Shortcuts – You can record videos by performing some activator gestures rather than triple tapping. Here you can set the gestures for capturing videos.

Wrapping Up

There is one more option ‘’Choose Icons’’ available in Quickshoot pro. This setting allows you to select additional icons for invoking camera with double tap or triple tap. The camera Icon is always enabled irrespective of setting here. This is also very useful if you are using alternate camera instead of stock camera app. One important thing is Quickshoot pro starts capturing blindly. It won’t show any preview before capturing and It won’t change any functionality or settings of your normal camera.

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Over all, it’s a tweak that you have been waiting for. For next post I will come with a new tweak, thank you for reading post and comment if any concerns or suggestions.You can join us on Facebook or Twitter for keeping yourself updated with latest news and tweaks from iPhone and iPad jailbreak community.

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