How to Search GIFs in iMessage app in iOS 10

We all knew that Apple has released iOS 10 along with new features. In this article I am gonna explain how to search gifs in iMessage app in iOS 10.  This animated gif search option in ios 10 allows us to search and send gifs along with our messages to  any person, who have iPhone with or without iMessage app.

ios 10 image search option


Now we don’t need to use buggy third party keyboards or spammy gif apps filled with ads and no need to locate a gif file to send, those days are gone. Apple has broken the walls of using third party apps and added new and best gif search feature in message app to closely interact with our buddies. Apart from the gif search in ios 10 , it has added tw0 more features in iMessage app.

  1. Read Receipts: users can now request notifications for when their messages to other iMessage users have been read.

iMessage app new features in ios 10

     2. Save Data: Go to Settings > Messages > Enable Low Quality Image Mode.

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How to Search GIFs in iMessage app in iOS 10:

  • Open iMessage app and start any message conversation.
  • Tap the arrow “>” button next to the text entry section to reveal additional messaging options

images search in ios 1

  • Tap the “A” button to access the message apps, stickers, and gifs

search animated gifs in ios 10

  • Tap the four square bubble icon and select the #images, red magnifying button to search the images

search gifs in iMessage apps in ios 10

  • Select your images from the search list

send animated gifs in ios 10


search and send images in ios message app

  • Click on send button

search gifs in ios 10

  • That’s it

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You have successfully sent image without using any third party app.

Sending and receiving animated images can be really fun and it increases our interaction deeply with our buddies. Try it out yourself and feel the enjoy. I think, this feature is not available worldwide, It is restricted to some key regions. You are unable to see this gif search in ios 10 feature in your mobile means it is not available in your region, I know this is a bit sad but you have to wait for some time.

Let us know your happiness in comments if you are enjoying this feature.We will end up this article here and we will meet with an another new article again, Bye buddies.

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