Top 10 Free Online Word Game

Word games are also called word search games or puzzles. These are the games that are spoken games or the games played with a board. These games can test the ability of the players with language or can help in exploring some of their abilities.

Generally, word games are used as a source of entertainment, but in many cases, they can serve as a helper for educational purpose. Many children can play the game Hangman, as this can develop their language skills like spelling. On the other hand, if we play games like crossword puzzles, this can improve our vocabulary and function of the brain.

Word games involve skills like,

  • Forming of words,
  • Guessing of some words,
  • Using language skills,
  • Word changing ability
  • The power of thinking.

These days many games are available on the internet for the convenience of the players.

The top 10 free online word games

1. Scrabble Game:

Scrabble, the very special crossword game, is definitely the best source of happiness for family and friends. It is one type of word game, where two or four players gain points by placing the tiles. These tiles bear a single letter. The game board is divided into a grid of squares of 15×15 size. You can win a scrabble game with scrabble word finder website.

All the players place seven letters on their racks. Diagonal words are not allowed in the game. If you are a beginner, you can still easily play this popular board game, called the Scrabble game with your friends to relieve yourself from your boredom and enjoy a good fun time.

It is the ultimate crossword game where every letter matters. Get your friends and create the words on the given board. After playing, calculate the value of all the letters in each new word that you have created. In this game different word carry different point values ​​depending on their commonness. The end result of this board game looks like a crossword as many words overlap each other.

There are many health benefits of this game, like:

  • Lowering the risk of mental problems, as this game stimulate and strengthen the brains of the players.
  • Makes the players very happy, as it is a very funny activity.
  • Helps in reducing blood pressure.
  • Improves the memory and immune system and many more.

2. Wordmeister

At the time when you don’t have any companion to play the word game scrabble, you can easily play this game against your computer. One of the best free online game is this Wordmeister game. This game is also the game of words but it can be played by a single person.

3. Lexigo

If you love to play word games very often, sometimes you can see that many persons place letters in a grid. In this aspect, the game called Lexigo gives a different feeling as it arranges letter in the pattern of a honeycomb.

This game will give you a feeling of the game Boggle, but there are some differences as well. For the beginners, the letters are in hexagon pattern. One can use the same letter more than once but he must find the target word on the basis of a hint.

Come play this game as it is very rewarding as well as challenging.

4. Google Feud

It is time for a feud game, in a search engine style. The lovers of the Family Feud game will definitely recognize this Google Feud game. Only the difference is that, here you have to guess about the popular auto complete phrases only in a Google search. It is world’s most popular auto complete games for its players.

5. Word Wipe

In this word game you have to join adjacent letter ties with each other to create a new word. This includes both horizontal and vertical connections as well as the diagonal ones. You can zigzag your way through the given grid.

It is different from the other word games for the players’ actual goal of clearing the rows and the columns. The letters are not being replaced as the players use those. The target of the players is to clear out a large number of lines before the time runs out.

6. Word Zen

This game is different from Word wipe as in this you don’t have to race against the clock. Instead of that, it provides a very relaxing and fun environment. This game is like mah-jong solitaire, but with the tiles of letters instead of mah-jong tiles. You have to develop words using the available tiles till you clear the board. You have to enable Flash in your browser while playing.

7. Wander Words

In this word game you have to click and drag to connect the letters both vertically and horizontally. In this way, it has some similarity with the game called Boggle, except you have to use all the letters in a single chain. This game gives a brief clue to its players and the answer can be more than just one word.

8. Best Anagram Crossword

If you want a different type of Crossword puzzle game then, Best Anagram Crossword is the best for you. Here, you will get the layout of crossword puzzles, except the clues for each words, as these are actually anagrams of the solutions. It is a very good combination of two common word games. And when you feel like you are stuck, then the handy anagram solver is always ready to offer you help.

9. Mini Crossword

If you want a quick and convenient online game then it is the best option for you. When the regular crossword games take hours to complete, you can easily complete this game within some minutes. And each letter is only more or less five letters long.

10. Codeword

This is one of the best online games you can easily play without any download. Here the words interconnect on a grid, and the numbers in the space correspond to a particular letter. The puzzle can use all the 26 alphabets at least one time. This is a very fun experience for sure.

These above mention games can definitely change your mood within some seconds. So, prepare to have fun.

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