Easy Way to Check/Verify If Your SHSH Blobs Are Valid or Not

We have already discussed how to save SHSH blobs for iOS in our previous article. We all already know that SHSH blobs are useful to roll back the iOS devices to earlier versions that aren’t currently signed by apple. So, using SHSH blobs one can get back to the state where they can jailbreak their iOS device by rolling back to the iOS version having a jailbreak.

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As we already know tools like Prometheus let us downgrade to older versions using SHSH blobs even after Apple stop signing them. But recently Tihmster the developer of Prometheus downgrade suite confirmed that older versions of Prometheus tool saving SHSH blobs incorrectly. So, he updated the tool by fixing all the issues and also added the support to check whether saved SHSH blobs for iOS are valid or faulty ones using the img4tool. Bu using this tool is not an easy thing so there comes the new online tool by 1Conan’s TSS Saver which we already have seen for saving SHSH blobs for iOS 10.2. So today here we are presenting how to check or verify saved SHSH blobs for iOS are valid or not.

How to Verify SHSH Blobs for iOS Validity

Follow the below step by step procedure to verify the downloaded SHSH blobs for iOS.

  • Open the link on your browser. tsssaver.1conan.com
  • Click on the link Click Here as mentioned in below image.

SHSH blobs validity

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  • Next, click on choose file button and select saved SHSH blobs for iOS device.

SHSH blobs validity1

  • Select your device type, model identifier, iOS version for which SHSH blobs saved.
    • For iOS 10.1.1 you have to enter SHSH blobs build ID
  • Now verify the CAPTCHA and click Submit button.
  • Now check your Board Configuration and Rosi tag. If both are True, your blobs are valid.

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That’s it to verify SHSH blobs for iOS. It is easy to use 1Conan’s TSS Saver tool than using Prometheus tools. Hope your blobs are fine. That’s the end of the article. Hope you liked it. Thanks for visiting us. Keep visiting us for more updates on iOS and jailbreak community.

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