How to Download and Install VShare repo for iPhone and iPad

Vshare Download for iOS: There are sadly no official loopholes to getting free applications on an Apple device. The impositions by Apple restricting the installation of third-party applications is the main reason behind this. Oh, and purchasing applications? Be ready to shed out a handsome amount for your pocket. Remember, it’s a premium device and accordingly will be the quality of apps, hence the app purchase cost. But, not everyone can afford the price tag, right?.

If you are not light-hearted and willing to tinkle around with your phone, there’s a way out for you. By Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad,  you can install third-party applications and even grab cracked apps for free!. When you are done with Jailbreaking your iPhone, you will get access to the Cydia application repository from where you can install tweaks, in our case, Vshare download for ios and install to get your preferred set of paid applications up and running without you actually paying anything.

How to download Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The Vshare is an application hosting various paid and cracked applications. Any user with a Jailbroken device and the vshare download and installed via Cydia tweaks can do so. The application is simple to use, free and serves the purpose quite well.

You can read the rest of the article to get the process to VShare download for ios on your iDevice. Please ensure compatibility before proceeding to vshare download for iOS process to avoid any errors in the midway of the process.

Vshare Download without Jailbreak

The following method of vshare download is for those who aren’t willing to Jailbreak their iDevice for VShare download due to any reason. Pre-requisites to VShare download include a PC, a Lightning Cable (for connecting the device to computer) and an internet connection.

  • The First step in Vshare download process is open any browser of your choice on the computer. Check your internet connection and then go to the website link Vshare Download, which leads to Vshare download PC Helper section of the official website.
  • After the Vshare download finishes, open the installer. You may need to grant the installer Administrator level access, which can be done by choosing ‘Yes’ in the popup window.
  • Begin with the installation, meanwhile grab the cable and connect both the ends to PC and the Apple device.
  • After the installation is complete, run the app. A window will open. The software will verify the device at every first launch.
  • Choose the ‘App’ option from top row to gain access to the library.

vshare download without jailbreak

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VShare Download with Jailbreak

Vshare download without jailbreak does not require the arrangement of any pre-requisites except a working internet connection on the Apple Device to install VShare.

  • Launch Cydia on your Apple Device.
  • Tap on the ‘sources’ option from the bottom ribbon.
  • At the next screen, tap on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Add’. Enter in the popup window.

vshare download from cydia

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  • From the results, choose ‘Appsync for iOS 8’ (or whatever iOS version your device is running).

Install VShare-With-Jailbreak2

  • Wait for the source to be synced to your device. If any warning pops up, just make sure to tap ‘Add Anyway’ to proceed with the successful installation.
  • When the process has finished, navigate back to the Cydia app. Tap on ‘Sources’ and choose Appvv source’.
  • A list will be displayed; look for VShare and choose the install option.
  • After completion of the installation, restart your device to ensure proper installation. That’s it, Vshare download with jailbreak completed.

How to Use Vshare Repo

After Vshare download and install, how to use it? Vshare app has been divided into different sections, which can be located on the bottom navigation bar on the screen. After opening the app, the person will be greeted with a home screen, which shows a mix of all the applications.

The ‘Categories’ section is further split into three sections that are mentioned as below:

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  • Featured: With those apps listed which are considered to be good by the Vshare team.
  • Hot: This comprises of all those applications which are being downloaded off the Vshare app the most.
  • Latest: This list includes all the recently uploaded applications on the Vshare repository.

If an application is being downloaded or updated, the same will show on the screen after tapping the ‘Vshare Download’ section. The user will be able to see the percent progress, pause or resume download and much more. In order to uninstall or update existing applications, then you can do the same by tapping on the ‘Manage’ section.

You can access the Settings for the Vshare app  by choosing ‘More’ option. You can configure options such as automatic installation, installation after notification, 3G download setting etc.

Apps like VShare

Vshare download is a complete package overall. However, if you are looking up to any alternative due to any reason, then you can consider the following options:

Hipstore : Hipstore ios offers somewhat similar features to Vshare. The application is in a non-English variant; however, you can change the same by going into settings. The interface isn’t as simple as Vshare, but you can find the apps you wished for.

Download Playbox for iOS without jailbreak

AppCake : AppCake is a very good alternative to Vshare. Almost every application you will want to download, you will find it on AppCake. The app’s download links work without any issues, which seems to be a complaint by some Vshare users. You can check my guide on how to install appcake to install and use appcake repo.

Zeusmos : Zeusmos is a highly versatile app. It is compatible with all versions of the iOS operating system. The app hosts almost the same number of applications as Vshare and has an equally good interface.

Downloading paid apps from Vshare repo or any other alternative source is very easy. Vshare repo is the best of all installous alternatives. However, if you aren’t able to use the same for any reason, you can try other alternative cydia repos which are equally good.

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