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The what3words app provides a unique three-word address for any location in the world, making navigation and mapping more accurate and efficient.

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November 26, 2023


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What3words: Navigation & Maps is an Android app that revolutionizes the way we navigate and communicate location coordinates. The app uses a unique addressing system to divide the world into 57 trillion three-meter squares, each assigned with a unique combination of three words. This means that every square on earth has its own distinct address, making it easy for people to find any location in the world without using traditional addresses or GPS coordinates.

The What3words: Navigation & Maps app offers users an intuitive interface that allows them to search for locations by entering their corresponding three-word addresses. Users can also share these addresses with others via messaging apps or social media platforms, allowing them to easily communicate exact locations even if they are not familiar with traditional street names or landmarks.

One of the most impressive features of this app is its offline capabilities. Users can download maps and access all functionalities even when they don’t have internet connectivity. Additionally, the app provides voice guidance for turn-by-turn directions, making it ideal for drivers who want to avoid distractions while navigating unfamiliar routes.

Overall, What3words: Navigation & Maps is a game-changing navigation tool that simplifies how we locate and communicate about places around us. Its innovative approach to addressing is sure to make it popular among travelers, delivery drivers, emergency responders, and anyone else looking for precise location information without relying on complex coordinates or hard-to-remember street names.

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