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The X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator is an entertainment app that simulates the ability to see through clothes using x-ray technology.

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August 9, 2023


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The X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator is an Android app that claims to be able to scan through clothing and show the user what’s underneath. The packageId of this app is ‘com.prankworld.xrayclothscanner’. However, it should be noted that this app is not a real x-ray scanner but rather a prank or simulation tool.

Upon downloading the app, users are greeted with a simple interface that resembles a camera screen. Users can select a photo from their gallery or take one using the in-app camera. Once the image has been selected, the app will start scanning and eventually reveal what’s supposedly under the clothes.

While some may find this app entertaining, others argue that it promotes inappropriate behavior and objectifies people. Additionally, many reviews suggest that the app doesn’t work as advertised and simply overlays pre-existing images onto photos.

Overall, while the X-Ray Cloth Scanner Simulator may seem like a fun concept, it’s important to remember that it’s just a simulation tool and not an actual x-ray scanner. It’s also crucial to use apps like these responsibly and consider how they may impact others around us.

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