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Yandex Browser with Protect is an Android app that provides a secure and fast browsing experience, with built-in protection against online threats such as malware and phishing.

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December 26, 2023


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Yandex Browser with Protect is an Android app that offers a secure and fast browsing experience. It has been developed by Yandex, which is one of the largest search engines in Russia. The app comes with built-in protection against malware and phishing sites, making it safer for users to browse the internet.

One of the key features of this browser is its speed. The developers claim that it loads pages faster than other popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox. This can be attributed to its Turbo mode, which compresses webpages before loading them on your device. Additionally, the app also supports data compression, which reduces your mobile data usage while browsing.

Another notable feature of Yandex Browser with Protect is its ability to block ads. Users have the option to enable ad-blocking within the settings menu, which can significantly improve their browsing experience by eliminating annoying pop-ups and banners.

The app also includes several customization options such as changing the theme and background image, as well as enabling night mode for comfortable reading in low light conditions.

Overall, Yandex Browser with Protect provides a great alternative browser option for those looking for enhanced security and faster page load times on their Android devices. Its packageId ‘’ makes it easy to locate and download from Google Play Store.

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