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YouTube ReVanced is an advanced version of the official YouTube app with ad-blocking, background playback and many other features.

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January 12, 2024


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YouTube ReVanced is an Android app that offers a modified version of the popular YouTube application. The packageId for this app is ‘’, and it has gained significant popularity among users who are looking for additional features beyond what the standard YouTube app provides.

One of the major benefits of using YouTube ReVanced is its ad-blocking feature, which allows users to watch videos without any interruptions from advertisements. This can be particularly useful when watching longer videos or playlists, as it saves time and improves the overall user experience.

Another key feature of YouTube ReVanced is its ability to play background audio while other apps are in use. This means that users can continue listening to music or podcasts even if they switch to another app on their device. Additionally, the app also supports picture-in-picture mode, allowing users to multitask while still keeping an eye on their video content.

Overall, YouTube ReVanced is a great option for anyone who wants more control over their YouTube viewing experience. With ad-blocking capabilities, background audio playback, and picture-in-picture support, this app provides a range of features that make it a must-have for many Android users.

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